The Sony Dash

8 Jan 2010  2 Comments


CES (Consumer Electronics Show) the biggest tech expo of the year is being held at the moment at Las Vegas, Nevada and a lot of new gadget are being showed there some a very interesting. Case in point , The Sony Dash

The Sony Dash is a nifty little device, its a clock/internet radio/digital album built around the Chumby OS. I wanted to get a Chumby device ever since I saw one a couple if years ago I even wanted to buy one with my last order in Amazon but it wasn’t available and I had to order it via their store. I just thought I might wait to see what CES had to offer.And I’m glad I did.

So it can run more than 1000 widget that are available for the Chumby, displays time,weather and streams audio/video on its 7” capacitive touch screen.

The Sony Dash will be available in April for $200.

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  • Zidaneoo

    Yabelaaa wa7ed ;)

    • N

      7adda waiting for it :)


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