Torrenting Made Easy: How To Automatically Download The Latest Episodes Of Your Favorite TV Shows

13 Jan 2010  19 Comments

ShowRSS  - Torrents

Since most people are downloading their TV shows from the net via torrents, I thought I might share this with you.

You can set up your torrent client to automatically download the latest episodes from a number of shows automatically without you doing anything.

this can be used on any operating system, you just need to have a RSS enabled torrent client.

Quick Guide after the break….

1) Head to ShowRSS and create an account.

ShowRSS  - Register

2) Add your favorite TV shows.

ShowRSS  - My Shows

3) Generate your own RSS feed.

ShowRSS  - My Feed 

4) Copy and paste the RSS feed url into the torrent client.

5) That’s it.

Even if you add more shows in the future, you don’t need to do anything else. The feed automatically will detect the new shows and start downloading them.

I use utorrent on my windows machine and Vuze on my Mac.


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  • Fereej

    ana m3a el rapidshare mertaaaaa7 :)

    • N

      kol wa7id bnam 3ala el ganb eli erayya7o :) , bs hatha el hadaf mnna in you dont have to cx for new episodes anymore.

  • DVLz

    Thanks for sharing N, although I don’t really use torrent that much but just a question in mind.

    If you set your show and it gets uploaded by 2 different groups, does your torrent client download them both or one, also can you specify if you want regular TV rip or 720p?

    I usually use megaupload single links for all my shows and movies, it has better speeds rather than waiting for seeders to get connected, and most important is that many files are nuked on torrents, but on direct download links you don’t have to worry about it since they get checked before uploaded.

    • N

      ShowRSS uses EZTV as it main source for TV shows. and it uses a single group for each show so you wont end up with 2 downloads of the same episode.

      as for the second question, yes, you can either each show which one you want HD and which you want SD. or use the settings in bulk and download all the shows in HD or SD.
      and because the episodes get uploaded early morning, by the time you get back from work most of the new episodes are downloaded. no wait here :)

  • Zidaneoo

    a5th’hum mnk ashal :p

  • Heema

    I used RSS feeds before but episodes get downloaded twice (HD & SD) so I stopped using them

    I’ll give it another try with ShowRSS :)


  • bood

    thanks for sharing !

  • Shli7f

    Pretty cool, makes life alot more easier….but, quick question….what makes it not dnld every single search result for the shows i’ve selected. for eg. CSI Miami & House…there’s like 32 results, if it supposedly Auto dnld, does it only pick 1 of each ? also, what if i have all the past ones and just started now…will it auto-dnld the past ones i already have ? just some FAQ since it seems you’ve used it for a while…:)

    Cheers Cuz..

    P.S. any idea how i can get an icon for when i comment on blogs ??? Like Heema Zidanoo and all the rest..??

    • Zidaneoo
    • N

      Dont worry, you wont get duplicates because they use a single source for every show, as I told DVLz, they mostly use EZTV for most of the shows. you only choose if you want it in HD or SD.
      As for previous episodes, I think that is will try to download a maximum of 2 weeks worth of TV shows, but you can easily cancel them and you only have to do it once.
      and I see Zidaneoo answered the last Q :)

  • DVLz

    I usually download them when they get uploaded and watch them at work :D. Sometimes few shows get delayed and uploaded at 4am Kuwait time.

  • Q80 In Denver

    Custom DVR? hehe Nice :)


    • N

      hahaha, didn’t think of it that way.

  • Hanadi

    Hi this post was very helpful for me thanks alot… I did all the steps but how can I get vuzes to download automaticly? I hope this is not a stupid question thanks for tolerating.:)
    another question I bought the rapidshare card to download music and stuff but I don’t know where to search for them all i get is how to upload..can u help with good sites?

    • N

      Sorry for the late reply. RSS feeds should download automatically with out any further settings from you.
      As for your second question, I have never used rapidshare cards, are you looking for Arabic or English songs?

      • Hanadi

        Thanks for the reply.. I did all that u advised us to do and a have them now on my google reader but couldn’t link it to vuzes… about the songs I’ld love to get arabic songs if you can help thanks alot

      • N

        You don’t have to put it in your Google reader, there should be a RSS icon in VUZE add a new RSS feed inside a the program.

        and as for Arabic music, have you tried to look for music?

      • Hanadi

        My vuze does’t have rss feed thing I checked on site and it’s a plug in..thanks alot for all your help

  • Mix

    Very handy, especially for something like The Daily Show which airs every night. Thanks !!


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