Bader Al-Mutawa and Malaga FC

16 Jan 2010  8 Comments

Qadsiya and Kuwait National team player, Bader Al-Mutawa has been offered a 7 day trial period at Malaga FC in La Liga. His trial will begin on the 18th of January, let’s hope he doesnt pull a “Yasser Qahtani”. Yasser was invited on a trial at Manchester City during the reign of Sven Goran Ericsson, and decided to take an entourage of around 40 of his friends/relatives who were literally cheering him on and clapping during practice. That was enough to help them make the decision on not to sign him.  Bader Al-Mutawa, now 25 years old has a chance to make an impact and be one of the few Middle Eastern players playing in a European club. Off the top of my head I can only think of Bolton’s Omani goalie Ali Al-Habsi. Good luck to him. 


Check Bader AL-Mutawa’s video during training in Malaga FC here

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  • Heema

    bl tawfeeej inshallah

  • Zidaneoo

    All the best enshallah :)

  • elwehbi

    Inshallah he proves himself out there! That would be great for Kuwait and the youth that look up to him!

  • Wahab

    easily one of the best in Asia … suits the style of spanish football … all the best Bedro :)

  • Sp.girl

    Alla ywfga enshalla oo oho 7eel 7ab ena yn’9im lhom oo dash eltdrebat b7maas ,,oo alla yfga enshalla 9ij yst7i8 af’9al la3ib basia

  • Qadsawy

    fdeeeetK walla
    alla ywafgik
    o nshofik malagawy inshalla

  • Joe

    like the siteeeeeeeeee

    • N

      Glad to hear it :)


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