Gulf Run 5: Day 1

28 Jan 2010  3 Comments

Gulf Run Day 1

Today was the first day in the Gulf Run 5 event, there was a very good turn up. we saw a lot of people that we knew there. we also saw a lot of bloggers.


We saw a lot of beautiful and exotic cars there as expected.


This was just the first day, and I took almost 400+ pictures, will filter and upload them when I get back.

Tomorrow: Day 2

All cars will have a go at the full track tomorrow. We might also see some drag racing too.

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    Glad to hear you guys are having a great time!

    Hopefully the weekend will be a success!

    Inshalla next year, there will be some girls hitting the race track!

  • Ansam518

    Its an amazing event! I loved it, but I didnt take many pics, so I will be looking forward for your pictures :-D

  • N

    Eleventh.St: We are having tons of fun :) . the weekend so far is a hit. There are girls hitting the track……as passengers though ;)

    Ansam518: I took a ttal of 1000+ so far, it will take me ages to go through them all. bs enshalla when I get back will post the best ones.


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