Taking The Caterham For A Ride

29 Jan 2010  5 Comments

T.Pain took me for a 5 min drive in the Caterham today here at the Bahrain GP Circuit. The car is amazing in cornering and has great acceleration, I really loved it.

Thanks T.Pain

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  • T.Pain

    It was a pleasure taking you around the track, hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!

    • http://uptill1.com N

      ohh man, the experience was awesome. thanks again :)

  • http://uptill1.com liiilJ9!

    thaxxxxxxxxxx i enjoy it 2 :)

  • Zidaneoo

    Glad to hear that you guys had fun … too bad I missed it :(

  • http://uptill1.com N

    liiilj9!: LOL, elligafa shlon 9ayra??

    Zidaneoo: there is always next year buddy :)


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