Stupid Journalism – Kuwaiti Pregnant Women Are Safer in Kuwait

4 Feb 2010  3 Comments

Kuwait is Awesome

When I first saw the title of this article I got angry, first because I was thinking that is giving birth to a child in Kuwait that bad? second why did Kuwait got singled out for comparison for such a topic? do they still think that women here give birth in tents in the middle of the desert?

It seems that Mr. Robert Dominguez is just an idiot, he just made the title sound bad, he thought that California should have a much higher ranking than Kuwait (warzone) and Bosnia (another warzone) it just sounds cool. but in reality its a different story. As I did some research *cough* Google *cough* I found out that Kuwait is one of the safest places to give birth in since it has one of the lowest Maternal mortality ratios in the world.

Kuwait is safer than a lot of countries like: United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Norway, Finland, Italy…… and the list goes on.

So for all of the women that are planning to have their babies abroad saying that the hospitals in Kuwait are crap, relax you’re fine Enshalla :)

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    ana ba3ad eshta6ait awal shay :P

    walla zain akheeran fee shay zain 9oubna o a7ad tekalam 3ana :P

    thanx for the post

    • N

      hehe, elmoshkila enna qasda mo shareef bs yat mn 9ali7na :)

      7ayyak allah

  • liiilj9l

    mmmm ma3tqd shft mustashfa el3adan 3ayal ya MR.N mujrmeeeeeeen !!!!


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