Left 4 Dead- Virtual Reality

6 Feb 2010  2 Comments

This is Left 4 Dead in Virtual reality using a Wiimote and GlovePIE. Note, Somehow Adobe screwed up the vid and made interframe blending. Also, GlovePIE now supports the Wii MotionPlus, so I could do more accurate scripts and other things using reaction tracking. This isn’t the best video, using a cell phone for IRL frameinframe. I’ve since improved this script and made it to where you tilt the Wiimote up to reload. Also, it’d be in 3d if I weren’t making the video.

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  • http://www.onemoresec.com OMS

    i think the reality is coming soon
    thanx for share

  • http://uptill1.com liiilJ9!

    wanasa nice bs N e7na el wii mabga shy maksrna bhatha shino bnsawe loooooool


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