11 Feb 2010  8 Comments

Burger on the Grill

Last weekend we had very nice weather hear, so we decided to have a BBQ. I usually do my own patties, but because this was sudden we decided to try the Kobe Burger.

Kobe Stack

So my wife picked up a dozen burgers from Sultan Center. It was a very nice burger with minimal effort. The burgers were so juicy and tasty. need to find a better bun though.

The Burger

I would love a real burger at the moment.

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  • FTO

    Looks like a great burger! Next time you need a bun, head on over to Fuddruckers and buy buns from there. They sell small ones for 100 fils I believe and big ones for 200 fils. Really good buns and makes for the perfect burger!

    • N

      Thanx for the info. will definitely try them next time.

  • Zidaneoo

    I tried that burger once … loved it, little expensive but worth it.

    Next time try the Kobe steak :)

    • N

      Let me know how it goes 3ayal

  • Fereej

    mn a7la burger jarabtaaa :)

    • N

      bl 3afya 3ayal

  • liiilJ9!

    jd jd jd eshtahaaaaaaata 7dy walla gmt as3bl N alla esam7k zain :(

  • T.Pain

    Try patties from prime cuts they are fresh and 300 times better than the Kobe Burgers. They taste amazing!


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