Windows Phone 7 Series

16 Feb 2010  1 Comment


Microsoft showed the world their new Mobile OS yesterday in Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. Dubbed “Windows Phone 7 Series” the OS looks awesome from the hands-on and the demo videos that we have seen so far. They show off everything yet as it is still in development (will be released by the end of the year) but from what I’ve seen so far I’m definitely onboard.

With Windows Phone 7 Series Microsoft started from scratch that’s why every thing looks new, amazing and fresh. Windows Mobile 6.5 elements are nowhere to be seen, which is a blessing. The new OS blends The ZUNE HD’s UI with the Android OS’s functionality and integration.


Not to forget also that the ZUNE Service integration is there and works perfectly. and that was the only reason I didn’t buy a ZUNE HD, I wanted the service implemented in a phone and didn’t want to carry a dedicated MP3 player with me, even though the ZUNE HD is an amazing device. It is also integrated with XBOX LIVE, that should be fun.

They really are reminding us that they are still a major player in the smartphone business.

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