Game Jams: Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily´s Castle

25 Feb 2010  4 Comments

In the old days, video game looked like crap. The only thing that they had going for them was gameplay and music. The gameplay aspect ended when you stop playing the game but the if the game had a catchy tune. you’ll be humming it all year.


This is probably the most recognized Mega Man theme song, the Dr. Wily theme is a stellar example for the magic that was made back in the 8-bit glory days.

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  • q80thug

    like this post,

    video games music that i foundly recall are

    streets of rage music

    sonic “chemical plant” music

    there are many more but cant recall them right now

    • N

      stay tuned for more then :)

  • liiilJ9!

    heheheeeeee alla ekhaly yousef :) loool

    • N

      allah e5aleeh enshalla, oo enshalla ma e7in bs :D


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