Today’s Premier League News: The Handshake That Didn’t Happen, Ramsey’s Leg Goes Bye Bye

27 Feb 2010  10 Comments

JT-Bridge Handshake

Wayne Bridge made a public display of his ill-feeling towards John Terry when he spurned the offer of a handshake from the Chelsea captain.

The Manchester City player then helped his side to a surprise 4-2 victory at Stamford Bridge.

In other Premier League news, Arsenal’s midfielder Aaron Ramsey was carried off on a stretcher and taken to hospital after suffering a horrendous injury at Stoke.

The 19-year-old went down in a heap following a late challenge by Ryan Shawcross, who was shown a straight red card.

The disturbing picture after the break.


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  • fereej

    loooooooooooooool zain yesawwi feeeh :)
    o kasreeen 5a6ri elarsenal :P

  • Frankom

    Ouch ! hatha sheno ele 6ale3 min rela ? 3thema ?

    a7777777 !

    • Eissa

      a3te8ed kasara !

  • Precious

    poor arsenal! :(

  • Eissa

    6′aaaaa3 mosta8bala el-maskeen ! ma3te8ed ra7 yred yel3ab kora mara thanya !
    walla a7es 7raam .. ya3ni el-maskeen mosta8bala kan ma6′mon .. bs bla76′a kil shay t’3ayar !

  • liiilJ9!

    :( klsh mo shy wa’63a ethakrny bwa7d mn elshabab bs by the way tra 3ady yrd yl3b ana rfejy mksora saqa o fkhtha o al7en yl3b o mashalla 3ala fanan :)

  • Triple-A

    Ee nafs wa7ed min elshabab kel le3ba 3al 6aayer :p

    • N

      LOL, ashwa ennik 3arafta hehe

  • Na9er

    Wala maskeen. Anyways, he’ll eventually play again. Nafs Eduardo, he broke his leg the same way! And after a few month’s later, he’s back at Arsenal and scoring goals again.

    • N

      ya, but it took Eduardo a while before playing again. He is still on the bench.


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