iPad Unboxing

4 Apr 2010  23 Comments

Just finished unboxing my iPad and here’s a bunch of pictures:



A ton more pictures after the break, click below……..

iPad Boxed 1 iPad Boxed 2 iPad Boxed 3

iPad Boxed 4 Unboxing 1 Unboxing 2 Size Comparison

 Thickness   Volume Button Speakers 3.5mm Audio Jack Power Button 

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  • http://www.Qortuba.org Qortuba Valley

    Mabrook :) waiting for the full review :)

  • http://www.eleventh-st.com/ eleventh.st

    Looks great! I’m waiting to read a few reviews on it first before getting one for myself!

  • http://www.feryah.com M

    Mabrook Again Oo na6reen el review o el video etha tegdar :P

    desh 3ala sitat feha flash o sawer vieo khanshoof lea’na ba3thhom chena lil7en mathb6aw 7ag el flash o HTML5

  • http://www.crazyyetwise.wordpress.com Swera

    waiting for your review and see if it’s worth it or not :)

  • http://www.feryah.com M

    Waiting the 3G version to come !

  • Zidaneoo

    3albarkaa boo elshbaab … Mta enshofa?? :p

  • http://www.orca-kw.com Ahmed A Al-Ajeel

    3l barrakah :)

    bs mn wen ma5tha ? nbe wa7d :)

  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    Bil Barakah! I’m waiting for mine on the way! Can’t wait to unbox it!

  • http://www.callingallgeeks.org Harsh agrawal

    Wow iPad is fascinating me with it’s design and as it is I’m a big fan of Apple products… Will get this one As soon as it will be available in my country

  • http://www.avenuesq8.wordpress.com Q80BOY

    Congrats o 3lek bil 3afya! :)

  • http://www.3mty.com مدونة حصيصة عمتي

    3al baraka oo 3lek bel 3afiya :)

  • Khalid

    I Placed An Order For The 64GB 3G Version.. Can’t Wait For It To Be Available And Then Shipped!

    C’mon Give Us Your First Thoughts On It! :)

  • http://www.tidbit-dujour@gmail.com Mrs F

    it’s like an iphone on steroids !! hehehe .. congrats! looks amazing

  • http://www.tidbitdujour.com Mrs F

    it’s like an iphone on steroids !! hehehe .. congrats! looks amazing

  • Nino

    3alaik bel3afia, ya36eik khaira o eykafeek sharaa yal ’3aly :-)

  • http://fereej.com fereej

    mbrooooook shklaaa sexy :)
    3aleek bel3afya

  • http://4thringroad.com 4thRingStaff

    looks great oo mabrookeeeen

  • http://couchavenue.com Jacqui

    I finally found a person who is like me LOL! iMac + MacBook (Pro) + iPad LOL! Can’t wait for mine to be in my hands I too got the same model I believe, 64GB Wifi Only!

    Is it okay to say that I’m jealous from you! :(

    I want mine today!

  • http://p0ach.com Abdullah

    yah yah yah yah ish hal zain ??

    ALF ALF mabrook oo I LOOOOVE the pics !

  • Heema

    tkasra bil3afyaa lanna a7iss inna overated.

  • http://uptill1.com N

    Thanks all, maga99artaw :)

  • http://www.casacliche.com Cynic

    Is it worth the buy, 3ad? It’s like a spin-off of an Amazon Kindle, and I feel like it’s way too overrated for the buyer’s own good.

  • http://uptill1.com N

    Will let you know soon :)


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