2 Major Announcements Within A Week

5 Apr 2010  2 Comments


Both Apple and Microsoft are holding press conferences/events within a week. Apple event will be on April 8th and will be showcasing their new iPhone OS 4.0. There are no confirmed details on what might the new OS actually have in store for us but rumors consist of:

  • Bigger Screen
  • Higher Screen Resolution
  • Front-Facing Camera
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Better Notifications
  • A Useful Home Screen
  • Might Have The New A4 CPU

As for Microsoft its not that simple, it will be held on April 12th and nobody knows what exactly the event will be about. its just speculation now. it could be:

  • Project Pink (the long rumored phone project ever since Microsoft acquired Danger-The makers of the Sidekick).
  • More Windows Phone 7 news (They officially removed the “Series” part)
  • Zune news – really hope not
  • Xbox news – The green theme suggests that. (Link)
  • Courier Announcement – everybody is really hoping for that one, have you seen the Courier videos??

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  • Ali

    I dont think they will show the new iphone… I think its only a preview of the iphone OS 4.0, and I guess it will be released in summer along with the new iphone which I think will be unvieled in summer.

    Last year 3.0 was previewed in march…released in summer.
    The 3gs was unveiled and released in summer.

  • Abdullah



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