Microsoft Announces Kin One & Two

12 Apr 2010  2 Comments

Kin Phones

In today’s “It Time To Share” event. Microsoft announced the long rumored “Project Pink” devices. Its nothing that extravagant, its based on some variation of Windows Phone 7, so what we are seeing here is a very cool integration with social media networks and “should” be in the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

Its only going to be on Verizon so no GSM version just yet. Don’t think anyone will be disappointed though.


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  • Frankom

    While Apple concentrates on Apps companies concentrate on how to develop sharing

    i believe iphone will become a history with such technology

  • NookSurfer

    Two more great phones by the software giant. I think while the phones that are develop now-a-days are all great, the difference between being great and winning over customers are the additional features like apps, being able to connect them to your car, etc. and in my opinion, Apple is still way ahead of the pack.


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