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24 Apr 2010  7 Comments

So you just got your fancy iPad, what are you doing with it? are you just browsing the web with the flashless browser? here are some apps that I think should cater all tastes.



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This is by far the best app you can get for your iPad, being able to stream all your video files via the internet to your iPad no matter what format it is is just great for anybody with any kind of a video collection. It does live conversion on the fly and  its pretty quick. and its just amazing on a local network.

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photo 3 (1) Do you read magazines? I’ve been using Zinio on my PC for more than 2 years now, and I was disappointed with their iPhone release a few months back but man is the new iPad version is just awesome. It has a very good variety of magazines and the annual subscription prices are just too compelling.

Offline Pages


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This app lets you store a full webpage wth its formatting for offline viewing it later. This is great especially that this version of the iPad is wifi only, and this will really helpful when you are an a flight. its better than RSS reader in my opinion but needs a little bit more work.



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I’ve talked about logmein before, its a remote desktop controlling app. the free desktop version is just so compelling. I know $30 seems much but its the best remote desktop app there is I think. and it was an easy decision because I already purchased the iPhone version.



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This is the might not the best note taking app on the iPad but the ability to sync your notes to multiple platforms make this the most efficient one. I’ve got this setup on my Desktop PC, desktop Mac, Macbook pro, My windows laptop, my 2 Android phones , my iPhone and now my iPad. When I take a note on any platform it will be synced to my other devices automatically. Just great.



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This is a very good app, its an upgrade to Shazam, in addition to the ability to recognize songs via the iPad built-in microphone, it can  be integrated to your iPad music library and search for music lyrics, videos, artist bio and discography.



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This is a very nifty little piece of software, it gives you the ability to transfer file wirelessly to from your PC to your iPad and it has a built-in browser that you can download files in which is also great.

Notable Mentions:

NewsRack, Delivery Status, Kindle, IMDB, PenUltimate, Camera For iPad, Weather HD and Notes.

For more app considerations, check out Marzouq’s post.

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  • Jacqui

    They are 7 apps btw hehe and out of them I’ve got 6 hehehe the only one I don’t have is SoundHound and I agree with most of what you said hehe

    Newsrack is awesome btw, Delivery Status, Kindle, Penultimate too

    The others I haven’t tried out hehe

  • Fahad

    What about the abc player app! Worth while

  • N

    Jacqui: LOL, sorry about that, counted pics :) newsrack is great and thats just the apps, games coming soon ;)

    Fahad: ABC player is only for people in the US or if you have a VPN otherwise its useless. but If you do, its great to have and its free, also you might want to try netflix too.

  • Jacqui

    Hehehe it’s okay it happens we sometimes we suck in math that’s why we are writers :P

  • Maggie Hibma

    Thanks for including LogMeIn in your blog post. We appreciate the recommendation to your readers.

    Maggie Hibma
    Social Media Coordinator, LogMeIn

  • Marzouq

    Very cool list! I have about the same plus a little more! I have gone insane with the iPad! I have probably a spent a little too much with Apple Apps Store!

    AirVideo is the best App period! I can watch all my shows and enjoy them!

  • expekt

    It’s always pleasure to read your blog, will back here soon


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