Android Froyo 2.2: Flash and First Signs of Arabic Support

23 May 2010  12 Comments

I just managed to download and install Froyo on my Nexus One today. I have been playing with it for a few hours at it is definitely a great upgrade.

The device feels snappier all around especially in the browser. The inclusion of Flash is awesome, it make mobile browsing much more tolerable. Also the battery life seemed to have improved, I played around with the device for a while a definitely notice a better battery life……. I think. will let you know after a full day use.

Another great feature is the WiFi hotspot. you can transfer your device into a wireless hotspot (think MiFi). this is a great feature indeed making me carry one less device, or maybe just an extra battery.

Also I have notice the first glimpse of Arabic support, I see separated Arabic letters instead of the usual block in both the browser and in the messages. This means that the next major update 3.0 perhaps will include full Arabic support.

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  • heema

    I would wait for official release as I read its still a little buggy !

  • N

    This is the official release, checkout the download link.

  • Blizmo

    Try the send to phone feature

    I love it!

  • Tabz

    Yes, indeed .. the first glimpse of arabic support FINALLY! :D
    However, before i flashed the new Froyo 2.2 .. i had full arabic support with connected letters and all, working like magic .. anywhere on the device!
    :( and now its all messy, i think am gonna go back to 2.1 until they figure out a way for a full arabic support in the Froyo :(

  • N

    Blizmo: Thats excellent, saw it in the video and love it.

    Tabz: there must be a way to overwrite the font files.

  • Tabz

    Yea, I think so too, the geniuses of the tech world wont leave anything undone.
    But out of my own efforts, i did try to flash the image that had the arabic fonts support, after it my N1 wont even start up. I had to wipe it and restore it all over again.
    Maybe it has something to do with the ROM, am waiting til cyanogen releases a new ROM for the Froyo, then gonna try it again. I mean am no expert so :(

  • Bashar

    so the official Froyo has arabic support read and write system wide or not?

  • N

    Tabz: I you use arabic font a lot, then ya Android might be unusable to you until you get some arabic support. and that should be out soon.

    Bashar: Just reading all across the OS (not connected) but still no writing.

  • Marzouq

    At least you would be able to read your messages! Not just the square blocks of before! Now they just need to connect the letters! lol

  • Tabz

    Agree, well not that i need it a lot .. i just liked it better connected and all :P better for my eyes to look at, as in the browser and emails ..

    And actually for bashar, u can download arabic keyboards from the market! i tried them they work pretty well.:)

  • Ahmed Othman

    I’ve the same problem with seperated letters with Arabic.
    Is there a solution?

  • Moey

    Mozilla Firefix 4 reads arabic well on 2.2!


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