The Lion King – Review

30 May 2010  2 Comments

The Lion King is the best disney movie in my opinion. It has a great storyline, lovable characters and great songs. all the requirements for making a great show. But thats not all, it takes skill to adapt a great movie to a Broadway show. But The Lion King already been running for 13 years and its been hailed as one of the best shows. everybody that saw it recommended it. My wife has been telling me to see it for a few years now, I finally did.

After seeing it I also highly recommend watching The Lion King. Its not just for kids and families is a work of art. great singing and costumes and of course the story and characters are all there.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Abdulla

    if you were still in vegas… i advise you to go and watch KA show in MGM ,, if its still showing… and do not sit in the front rows.. try to get center chairs.. the best… and if you liked it.. send me a thank you email =p

  • N

    I went to see KA yesterday, will write about it tomorrow. Thank you in advance :)


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