The Baseball Game

17 Jun 2010  2 Comments

During my long stay here, I was invited more than once to go to a baseball game. As Albuquerque’s Isotopes are doing pretty well in the league. They are not in the major league but the good player move to the LA Dodgers. This wasn’t my first baseball game, I went to the San Diego Padres las year.

So me and the guys who have no idea what baseball is went there and basically treated it like a diwaniya. we were talking during the whole game. The game lasted for more than 3 hours.

The Isotopes won the game and maintained the lead in the league. All I can say is baseball is not my cup of tea.

The picture attached is my first attempt at Panoramas.

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  • Marzouq

    Very cool shot! I love going to the Giants game in San Francisco, they have great hot dogs! U can really enjoy the game and eat some good good! lol Baseball games have the best food out of any sport!

  • N

    The major league have better food, seating, games and food. I enjoyed it when I went to a Padres game last year :)


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