Ronnie’s Burgers

14 Jul 2010  2 Comments

After asking around the locals here in Wichita Falls, Texas for the best burger place around. I always got the same answer, Ronnie’s Burger.

Me and he guys went there before going to Dallas the other day to have a go at it. We were told also that the place is packed during lunch and dinner time (there is just one place its not a chain) so we thought we might as well go at an odd time like just after work which tuned out to be great.

We got a medium sized cheeseburger each which was the best burger we might have tasted so far on this trip. Its similar to Johnny Rockets burgers but much lighter.
This place is highly recommended IF you are in Wichita Falls

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  • Nino

    5arabt your diet !! ? Bas 3laik bel3afya. :-)

  • BuYousef

    3awafi… Looks a little too greasy. A good burger is just greasy enough :)


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