The 24 Hour Journey Back Home

26 Jul 2010  8 Comments

So today is my last day here in the US, I will be heading back to kuwait enshalla. My flight plan is as follows: San Antonio – Dallas – New York – Kuwait. Currently I’m in JFK airport in New York waiting for my Kuwait Airways flight 118 to board. The weather is unstable here in NYC, there was some heavy showers and some thunderstorms when we came in to land. I’m almost halfway through my trip. Hope the second half goes as smoothly as the first half.

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  • Q8Garage.Net

    Trj3 bel slama enshala bro

  • Ansam

    Bissalaama :-) Nice posts about the trip ;-)
    Question… KUWAIT AIRWAYS? Why? WHY WHY WHY?? hehehe

  • q8travelbud

    tosal besalama … i know the feeling

  • Nino

    To9al beslama ya a’3laa el’3aleen, estawda3nak Era7man elleiy 3ainah ma itnam enta welleiy m3aak Yarb. :-) can’t wait to see you after all that time. Unfortunately after some time when i come from London, but inshallah very soon. Hug the twins for me.

  • Zidaneoo

    Belsalamaa yaa Captain mqdaman, will see u when I get back ;)

  • fereej

    tered belsalama enshallah :)

  • N

    Thanx guys :)

  • Marzouq

    Must’ve been a hell of a flight!


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