Trying To Impress People With The $900 iPhone App

30 Aug 2010  No Comments

I think this guy is taking iRa Pro iphone app as an I Am Rich app replacement after Apple pulled it from the App Store. What makes me say this is because his review of a $900 video surveillance app is telling people to follow him on twitter.

I think this guy is really missing the point of the whole app store thing.

Out With The Old, In With The New

29 Aug 2010  9 Comments

During the past couple of months I finished the process of upgrading my mobile bag. I upgraded from a 13″ MBP to a 15″ MBP with an i7 processor which i needed when I was in the States and was away from my desktop to do the heavy lifting. Also upgraded was the portable storage HDD, from a 500GB to a 1TB WD I’m not exactly sure how am I going to utilize this storage on the go but whatever.

Not pictured is the new iPhone 4 from an iPhone 3G that I had for a few weeks now and will do a post about my impressions so far. And also exchanged my 32GB wifi iPad with a 64GB WiFi/3G one. I don’t even know why I bought the 3G version as I’m using my beloved Nexus One as my mobile hotspot.

But is the process complete? with the imminent release of the new Blackberries and the all new Windows Phones, this hobby is getting really expensive.

After upgrading what I miss most is battery life, I usually have at least 5 hours per charge on my 13″ MBP but I’m lucky if I get 2:30 on my new 15″. same with the iPhone 4, cant see any trace of the new over-sized battery as my phone dies even quicker now.

UEFA Chapions League 2010/2011 Draw Results

26 Aug 2010  3 Comments

The draw just finished and we are going to see some interesting matches this season. The group of death (G) Milan, Madrid, Ajax and Auxerre is just frightening. Also interesting is seeing Rubin back in the same group with Barcelona.

Official: Samsung Galaxy Tab

25 Aug 2010  4 Comments

Samsung officially released a teaser video confirming the existence of the not so secret Galaxy Tab.

Specs are as follows:
Android 2.2 powered device with a 7″ screen (rumored super AMOLED 1024 x 600 resolution or crappy 800 x 480) a 3.1 megapixel camera, a QVGA forward-facing camera for video calling, am ARM11 1GHz processor and the usual Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. And there are also reports of a 4000mAh battery, 16GB of internal memory upgradeable to 48GB, and a MicroSD slot with support for cards up to 32GB. Oh and and the excellent Swype gesture recognition software will be in there too.

Looking forward to September 2nd when its revealed

Official Website

Ducks And Dog Masks

24 Aug 2010  3 Comments

After seeing this and eye-balling the pic for a few seconds I totally see it and have to agree 100%.

Ramadan Umrah

23 Aug 2010  4 Comments

On the first day of Ramadan, we went to Madina and Mecca for Umrah. It was my first visit to Madina and my first Umrah during the Holy month Ramadan.

The Madinah fotoor was great, I went to the Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi 45 minutes before Maghreb prayer to read some Quran and pray.When I entered and was looking for a place to pray I didn’t find a place at all. At first I thought that it was just the section I’m in, but after walking around for the next half an hour I realized that the whole mosque has been converted to the biggest dining hall ever. I mean the whole time I was walking around looking for a place to pray, I was invited to have a seat and join them for fotoor. With 10 mins left till Maghreb prayer I just gave up and sat in the next available seat. After athan in 10 minutes the place was spotless and there was no sight of anything to do with food and all were ready to pray.

After 1 night at Al-Madina we drove to Mecca for Umrah. It was a 4 hour drive to mecca and could see the huge new clock from a few kilometers away. It was hot and humid but not undoable.

During Friday prayer it was so crowded that people even managed to fill the mall thats in front of Al-Haram. Not just that but all 3 floors of it.

I didn’t know that Taking pictures in both Al-Haram and Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi is not allowed. but there was still people taking pictures. Most of my pics were during night time, I didn’t have any intention of carrying around my camera while the sun was still shining.

And Thats Why Roger Federer Is The Man

23 Aug 2010  No Comments

Roger Federer during a commercial shoot asks a one of the crew members to put a bottle on his head and he tries to hit it with his tennis racket from across the room. Staged or not this is awesome.

Watch The Premier League On Your Phone

22 Aug 2010  7 Comments

I’ve previously posted about Abu Dhabi’s online Premier League subscription and how awesome it is. I just wanted to add that you can also watch any match on the go on your phone too, If you have an Android phone that is.

The pic above is of my Nexus One while I was watching last night’s Arsenal game. The video quality is excellent by the way the pic is just blurry.

Hey Dad, Catch!

22 Aug 2010  2 Comments

This guy pranks his dad by throwing his dads macbook out of his reach. His dad’s reactions is brilliant.

Now Thats An Alarm Clock

21 Aug 2010  7 Comments

I have a problem were I dismiss an alarm prematurely and go back to sleep, casing me to be late for work and appointments.

This is a great idea, would have to do some calculations before I can dismiss the alarm.


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