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5 Aug 2010  5 Comments

Since I’ve been out of the country for 3 months, when the guys decided to have dinner yesterday I thought I might as well let them pick the place. My only request was it should be a good place to eat as I didn’t have lunch, so I didn’t want to experiment with new places.

The guys picked B+F Open Flame Kitchen, from the same guys who brought you Burger Boutique and Slider Station which are both a personal favorite restaurants so experimenting was back on the table.

At 7:30pm 2 of the guys were already at 360 Mall and put their names in for a table, waiting time was 45mins to 1 hour. We arrived 15 mins later and sat at “Life With Cacao” as our table becomes available. We waited the full 1 hour for the table and went in at 8:30pm. By then the place was packed and the waiting time jumped to an astonishing 3 hours. It was crazy.

When we got seated it took a while for us to be attended to, I didn’t mind that since it was my first time there and I wasn’t familiar with the menu. They had a good selection of their burgers, sliders and fries from their other restaurants and also some pizzas and steaks. So they cover all the bases and have a good variety of food fore all tastes.

We ordered a few dishes, for starters we got the Chopped Salad (very light dressing – not exactly my taste) the Lobster Tail Tempura (very good) and El Diablo Pizza (Also was very good). My main course was 2 pieces of the Wildfire slider which was excellent. The guys had some more kinds of sliders and pizzas that I had no interest in trying them because by the time I finished my sliders I was beyond full.

Overall it was a very good experience, good food and semi-hectic service as they they forgot a main course but I wont hold it against them due to the unbelievable number of people and it being just a soft opening. Hope everything gets sorted out by Eid time and I thing it will. And I’m definitely going there again next week.

B+F Open Flame Kitchen is located at 360 Mall under The Meat Co. and opposite to Life with Cacao. Operating ours at the moment are 7pm-11pm Tel: 25309990

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  • http://facebook.com lulu xoox

    ym ym ym !!
    Shklo bshhe <3
    Bde w7da ana ;p

  • http://ansam518.wordpress.com/ Ansam

    YUM! I so wanna try this burger!!!

  • http://rannouf.blogspot.com NafNoof

    i was there the same day ;P it was wednesday ,, me and my friend waited 1.30hrs 2 get our table! bs really worth the waiting ,, its my 2nd time there and im really in love wth the food .. bl 3aafya ;)

  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    I love their shrimp appetizers! Amazing burgers and great thin pizza!

    Been there twice going to go again! Can’t get enough!

  • http://brakebanzeen.com elwehbi@brakebanzeen

    The food was great there during my first experience; very similar to their other concepts (can’t go wrong with that). My only comment is that they should not use such soft bread with their big burgers; mine fell apart instantly so I wasn’t able to enjoy it. The sliders still rock though.


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