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17 Aug 2010  7 Comments

I subscribed to Abu Dhabi’s online subscription since I didn’t want to put another receiver under my TV and it not as convenient as having a card that you can take with you anywhere. And because I spend most of my tie on my laptop or PC it was a no brainer.

I used the website on many occasions. I subscribed saturday before the games but the account activated the next day (or late in the evening the same day not sure) and managed to watch the extra-long highlights of the yesterdays matches which were 45 mins long so you don’t miss a thing.

As for live viewing I watched Chelsea vs West Brom, Liverpool vs Arsenal and Man U vs New Castle all were great. And if you have a the bandwidth for it the quality automatically adjust (ala Netflix) to some very nice looking video.

Whats missing though is the short highlights that has just the goals, they might be there but I haven’t looked thoroughly enough and the ability to change the commentator language, from what I can see at the moment there is no why to do that at the moment.

Abu Dhabi online subscription is highly recommended even if you already have bought the receiver due to its shear and utter awesomeness

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  • Zidaneoo

    How much did it cost you??

  • http://uptill1.com N

    Around $70 I think

  • Saud

    Do they use Flash for ther broadcasts?! If not, does it work on iPads and iPhones?

    Thanks for your help

  • http://www.bananaQ8.com Tazmania

    this is how things work in UAE :) & not in Kuwait :(

  • http://uptill1.com N

    Saud: yes it uses flash unfortunately.

    Tazmania: Were getting used to this :/

  • Fahad

    Can you just post the URL? Thank you :)

  • http://uptill1.com N

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