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3 Oct 2010  7 Comments

I preordered the Mophie case for the iPhone 4 a few of weeks ago and it got delivered last week. Its no secret that the iPhone 4′s battery is horrible and there is no way it will last a day on a single charge (unless you switch off everything). But with this case I get a day of usage without looking for a wall socket everywhere I go.

The case almost doubles the capacity of the the phones battery giving me a usable phone instead of a paper weight starting from 4pm.

The new case design is a lot better than the old (3G/3GS) one. its looks a lot sleeker and less bulky. As you can see from the pics, it gives it extra length at the bottom and your phone will be slightly thicker.

The Mophie Case is $80 excluding tax and shipping.

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  • http://Frankom.com Frankom

    Do you recommend it ?

  • http://couchavenue.com Jacqui

    Cool was waiting for a review of this case before buying it.. Did you try to fix issue with your battery? I tried to do a fresh-install of my iPhone and not transport anything from the 3G and then added my applications manually.. it might take a bit longer but in the end it helped and improved the battery by a lot.. I can at least look towards lasting until midnight with 30% left.

  • http://uptill1.com N

    Frankom: I sure do.

    Jacqui: I got my battery to live longer by switching off the 3G and the location services. And switching them back on whenever I need them. U can’t give an accurate reading because I don’t use the iPhone as my main phone. I know people who charge the phone twice at least daily.

  • Poodle

    Yo I think your battery may be defective. My IPhone 4 battery would normally last me a day and give me 20-40% the next day. I’ve noticed that the IPhone consumes ALOT more battery if you frequently use it (Games use up the most especially high graphic games.) Also people may not notice this, but I’ve had greater battery time when closing all open programs (Press the middle button twice to see what is open and what is closed.)

  • http://Www.mo3ath.com Mo3ath

    Looks nice and modern but how abt weight ? Try not use 3G when u don’t need it , works great for me

  • http://stormintcup.wordpress.com/ Miss Good Egg

    The 4g is already a little heavier, doesn’t this make it even more? :/

  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    That is an awesome case! I have seen a lot of reviews of it! It provides a hell of battery and a solid case! Mabrook!


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