A Newer, Better Version of Mr. Rossy’s Fully Working Jetpack

9 Nov 2010  No Comments

Swiss pilot/inventor Yves “Jetman” Rossy used a new version of his jet-proppelled wing to fly for a total of 18 minutes. He also did a couple of loops around the hot air balloon that he jumped off from.

In 2008, he made a flight over the Alps with an older model, reaching an average speed of 200 km/h and a top descent speed of 304 km/h.

I wonder if this thing will hit the mainstream market anytime soon?

China’s Street Justic

9 Nov 2010  2 Comments

Wenzhou, China: Motorcycle riders snatched a pedestrian’s purse and receive some crazy street justice.
In China, after you have been caught stealing. You are better off being caught by the police.

Childhood Revisited: The Cartoon Medley

9 Nov 2010  1 Comment

This guy sums up most of my childhood (and anyone that watched cartoons in the 80′s/90′s) in just 7 minutes. I had no idea what he was blabbering about in parts of the videos but for the ones I knew, this was great.

* Song list:
0:01 DuckTales
0:26 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
0:36 Animaniacs
0:48 Inspector Gadget
0:56 Ghostbusters
1:10 Digimon
1:19 Darkwing Duck
1:41 ThunderCats
1:47 Raggy Dolls (Swedish: Trasdockorna)
2:06 TaleSpin
2:16 The Addams Family
2:23 Bamse (Swedish)
2:37 Scooby Doo
2:49 The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs)
2:58 Winnie the Pooh
3:26 Denver the Last Dinosaur
3:48 Dexter’s Laboratory
3:55 BraveStarr
4:03 Chip&Dale: Rescue Rangers
4:35 Tiny Toon Adventures
4:47 Adventures of the Gummi Bears
5:12 The Moomins (Finnish)
5:24 Sonic SatAm
5:44 My Little Pony
5:57 Flintstones
6:08 Transformers
6:19 Dr Snuggles
6:35 Donald Duck


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