Women Drivers

10 Nov 2010  4 Comments

She thought that she could drive over what seemed like a puddle if she went fast enough. What she didn’t know is the “puddle” was a few feet deep.

Jaber Stadium Panorama Shot

10 Nov 2010  4 Comments

Took this shot a few days back during Qadsiya vs Ittihad game. As you can see form the image, the stadium is packed. In the bottom right corner is where the Syrian team supporters were sitting. The rest was all Kuwaitis.

Click on Image to enlarge.

Raggae Baby

10 Nov 2010  2 Comments

Take a look how this baby reacts to Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier Song.

NYC Marathon: The Ant Army

10 Nov 2010  No Comments

A time-laps video showing the 2010 NYC marathon runners starting from the Varrazano-Narrws Bridge.

Balls Of Steels: Emergency Landing

10 Nov 2010  1 Comment

POLK COUNTY (Bay News 9) — The Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In starts today and already there were some tense moments in the sky for a pilot headed to the event.The pilot, Kyle Davis, 22, and his passenger, Joe Surowiec, were flying from Winter Haven to Lakeland Sunday when they experienced engine failure.Realizing the engine wouldn’t cooperate, Davis was able to land the homemade plane safely on Havendale Boulevard.”The options for me were land on the road or land on the lake,” Davis said.Davis is a part-time flight instructor with 1,300 hours in the skies. His own flight instructor, John Amundsen, calls his roadway landing, incredible.”Watching that video, he was just awesome,” Amundsen said. “I just hope, you know, if I ever have a situation like that I can be as cool as Kyle was.”No injuries were reported.Sunday’s incident didn’t scare Davis away from the skies. He plans to fly his own plane to the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In later this week.It’s unknown what caused the engine failure.

It’s awesome how he got the aircraft into the parking lot and off the road at the end.


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