“DSLR’s” Banned in Public Places in Kuwait

21 Nov 2010  3 Comments

So this is idiotic. I got an angry email (and I don’t blame him) from Marzouq linking to an article on the Kuwait Times’s website stating that the public use of “DSLR’s” and only DSLR’s is banned here in Kuwait. And apparently for no good reason.

It seems that from the article that photographers *think* that the ban came from the people’s fear of their privacy being invaded by The Big Black Camera.

If I spent a few hundreds/thousands of my hard earned Kuwaiti DInars to buy a camera and a few lenses, that meant I’m taking photography seriously and not looking to invade anyone’s privacy. The one’s who are doing this shit are maybe any idiot with a capable phone camera or even a Point&Shoot.

I got into photography a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. In fact, I just bought a couple of new lenses and a brand new DSLR (Sony SLT-A55) and its sitting waiting to be cleared by customs for the past 10 days.

Read the full Kuwait Times article [here]

It seems that mark also wrote about the same issue. [Link]

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  • http://batata.blog.com medo

    what a bad news!!
    but i doubt, this ain’t true!!! OMG
    i was planning to get my new DSLR from Amazon ! what to do know!!

    any ways what do you think about sony Alpha 33 VS Canon 550 D which one is better! am purchasing DSLR anyway ….

  • http://uptill1.com N

    The Canon 550 is a great DSL beginner camera. It has a ton of features. Sony’s A33 is just like My A55, it has a new technology which allows it to get massive FPS’s (7 on the A33 and 10 on the A55). The Canon 60D is also a very good option, I would advise that you look into that as well.

  • http://www.amtherex.com TheRex

    Good news, that ban is fake. But the Bikini ban is very real.


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