Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

19 Dec 2010  3 Comments

Last night I came back from a short trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My friends and I went to see the Inter Milan semi final game and also went to the newly opened Ferrari World.

The design of the building/structure is simply amazing, for me it might be the best looking external and internal building in the world. Also, the whole park is a covered building that is air conditioned which is a great idea due to the weather that we have here in the gulf.

The main reason we went there is to try out the world fastest roller-coaster the Formula Rossa. It uses a catapult mechanism similar to the ones that are used on aircraft carriers to make planes reach their takeoff speeds in short distances. The ride reaches a top speed of 240 kph from a stationary position in 4.9 seconds. Glasses are required for the first line of the first cart only.

Ticket prices are 225 AED for adults and 165 AED for children. The premium prices are 375/270 AED. The line for the Formula Rossa was 2 hours for the regular tickets and 50 mins for the premium ones.

There isn’t much to do in the park apart from the roller coasters and the simulation (which I highly recommend booking an appointment as soon as you enter the park). There are some decent restaurants and a handful of kids activities/rides.

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  • The Stig

    Great Post

    It seems everyone been there except me :P

    still waiting my bonus :P

    hope you liked it

  • liiilJ9!

    :) ايايايييييييي صح لسانك يا حلووكانت رحلة ممتعة مثل اليرحناها من 12 سنة لوووووووول و(سنية واكراد وشيعة بنحب بعض :) لوووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووول احبك يا بيج ان :)

  • Marzouq

    Awesome post! I want to check it out!!!!


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