The 7 Million Batons Deal

22 Dec 2010  4 Comments

According to Mr. Al-Barrak, 7,000,000.000KD (almost 25 million USD) were spent on batons. Thats a lot of batons, didn’t they have any to begin with?

A quick search and I found a sweet 26″ rubber handle steel baton for $23.95 didn’t go through and see how much shipping would cost but that means that they bought a baton for every kuwaiti man, woman and child. leaving 1 million for shipping too.

And also, if you are buying 1,000,000 batons, I’m sure you would get a discount.

Via Al-Qabas

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  • Mark
  • sunny

    Corruption , corruption every where ! and nobody is taking a stand :(

  • N

    Mark, with this price, you just bought every Non Kuwaiti man woman and child a baton. except for the unprivileged few.

    Sunny: Corruption? what makes you say that? they might be made of titanium or gold. :)

  • ahmad

    msalam albarrak is a f***** lying 6arthooth


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