Home Made Burgers

31 Dec 2010  3 Comments

If you are a regular reader of this blog you would already know that I’m a big time burger fan. Last week I decided to grill my own burgers for our weekly family lunch. It wasn’t something new but its been a while since I did my own burgers.

What we regularly do is just grill some Kobe beef burgers. They taste very good and its much easier than doing your own patty. But in the quest for the ultimate burger, you will have to do your own patty.

I really recommend trying to do your own burger, its fun and there is almost no way to do it wrong. Just experiment. For the best buns a reader recommended Fudd’s, and he was right. Their buns are great. They sell a regular size (150 fils) and a large size (200 fils) buns.

My patty had:

  • Italian bread crumbs.
  • Onions.
  • Herbs.
  • Minced beef with 15-20% fat .

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  • http://Www.q8stig.blogspot.com The Stig

    Looks good to me, now we need to know how good it tastes !

  • Nino

    Teslam eeidik, it was delicious…….juicy ,tender and yummy…..Thanks dear.

  • http://www.babbleq8.com Babble

    Looks amazing….there is nothing like a homemade barbecued burger!


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