The 1400 Day First Ring Road Project

9 Jan 2011  4 Comments

If you ever pass by the first ring road/Sheraton roundabout, you will notice that there is a lot of construction is going around, and it has been like that for a while. After a quick look at the contract period and start date from the image above (taken at the construction site); You will notice that the project should have been completed almost a year ago. And you can clearly see from the image below, it far from being complete.

The project also has its own website [here]

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  • Mohammad

    Its really a shame how things carried out in here, I dont see why they dont go and work 24 hrs to finish these projects.

  • BRM

    inshalla Hal mashroo3 y9eer 9ij w mo
    3ala il warag bas!!!
    w inshalla il dowal thanya ma ta5ith mo5a6a6atna w i7na ga3den n6ali3!!!

  • Nino

    I really agree with you both.

  • BuqLau

    Kuwait. When there is construction and its taking ages. someone is getting rich.


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