My New Canon AE-1

11 Jan 2011  4 Comments

Well, its hardly new as you can see from the image above. But while I was strolling around Mubarikiya Market last weekend, I came across this store that sells some touristic stuff (you know like little boxes with the Kuwait towers carved onto them and stuff like that) and also some classic gems.

One of those gems is the Canon AE-1, the first microprocessor equipped SLR that started production back in 1976.

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  • Moody Panties

    let us know the pictures turn out, if it actually works :)

  • N

    LOL, really doubt that that thing works.

  • Danderma

    it’s beautiful Masha2 Allah! How much did it cost you?!

    When i took my fathers Canon A-1 to a photographer to help show me how to use it he wanted to buy it from me immediately! I wonder which is newer the A-1 or the AE-1? I would guess urs is older…

    Here is my camera

  • N

    I got it for 30 KD, Your Dads A-1 is beautiful and in excellent shape mashallah. I would definitely not sel it for whatever reason.

    The A-1 came a year after the AE-1 (1977) still really old :)


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