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12 Jan 2011  No Comments

The Mac App Store has been out for a few days and here is a list of what I think are good apps that everybody should get.



The official Twitter app for mac is finally released along with the birth of the apps store. From the guys who brought you Tweetie comes a very decent Twitter app. [Link]



A must for every power user. Its a replacement for mac’s built-in spotlight that is really versatile, powerful and configurable. [Link]

Aperture 3


If you do any photo enhancing on your Mac and haven’t bought either Apple’s Aperture or Adobe’s Lightroom3 yet, then buying Aperture is a no-brainer. Down from its regular retail price of $200. $80 is considered a steal. [Link]


The price of the iLife package is $50, in the App Store the 3 main applications (iPhoto ’11, iMovie ’11 and GarageBand ’11) will cost you just $45 ($15 each). But you will miss out on iWeb and iDVD. Both applications that are included on the iLife ’11′s DVD but haven’t been updated for a few years now (since iLife ’09). [Link]

iWork ’09:

I would suggest that you stay away from iWork ’09 at the moment as iWork ’11 looks really close to release. But if you have to; Pages, Keynote and Numbers are all available for $20 each. Also cheaper than retail. [Link]



Pixelmator is one of the best image editors you can find on the Mac. With version 2.0 exclusive to the App Store and cost 50% less than the previous versions. This is also a must have application. [Link]

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