Whose Line is It Anyway Returns

13 Jan 2011  4 Comments

The highly entertaining improv show Whose Line is it Anyway looks like it is scheduled for a comeback in a few months. This is the funniest TV show ever. I’m excited to see it return, but too bad that Wayne Brady is not among the new cast.


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  • http://www.moodypanties.wordpress.com Moody Panties

    really !!!!! thats great, i loved the show and i hope they all come back with the same sense of humor!

  • http://uptill1.com N

    I hope so, as I’m a big fan of the show and Brady. Ryan and Collin are also funny though.

  • DVLz

    Great News :)

    This is one of the best episodes I’ve watched



  • Stacie

    want show back……….so bad. all who appeared are brilliant. hope to see them on again. asap. My mom just turned 70 – she works 12am to 7am. goes to bed at 4ish pm.  hope show would be on twice in 24 hours. she loves it and so do i.  if this happened? my mom would have best bday present sept 29. bring it back


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