How to Properly Hang The Kuwaiti Flag

11 Feb 2011  7 Comments

I saw a blog post at my dear friend Frankom’s blog explaining how to correctly hang the Kuwaiti flag both horizontally and vertically. The problem was the banner creator explained the vertical placement of the flag wrong.

Every flag has whats called the honor point (the top left corner when horizontal) that should still be the top left corner even after you plan to hang the flag vertically. Thus, with the Kuwaiti flag, when hanging vertically the green should always be on the left not the right.

Sources here and here

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  • liiilj9l

    لوووووووووووووووووووووول والله قتلتني يا big N

  • A1234

    If you check the symbols of any ministry, you can see that the green is on the left. I don’t think ALL of them would make that mistake.

  • karl

    Can we place the flag with the black at the right side? …green at the top

  • Salem

    @A1234 I assume your joking because after checking out ALL of them, all of them have red on the left. Even Amiri Diwan has red on the left.

    Are you defying the amir ?

  • Sunny

    ease up guys
    We are all in LOVE with Kuwait
    so cool it down
    I still dont know what the fuss is really all about

    HAVE a look at this pic and tell me what u think

  • http://nowebsite abdi asis osman

    my name is abdi asiis l bute fand what are you my love yemen

  • sara a

    no when hanging vertically it should be green on the right because when you hang it horizontally again, the black will be on the left and the green on top.


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