It’s The Weekend, Act Like This Guy

24 Mar 2011  1 Comment

He is just so happy that its Friday.


Of course the subtitles have nothing to do with the original video. But its hilarious.

Amazon Android App Store is Online

24 Mar 2011  1 Comment

Amazon’s long awaited Android app store has finally launched with a free exclusive copy of a new Angry Birds game. The sad news is, there is still no love for international android users. As purchases are limited to US costumers. Amazon is hoping for an international rollout later this year.

Say Hello To My Little Friends

23 Mar 2011  4 Comments

I just received my order of a 3 inch Android mascot figure (left) and an Android mascot flash drive. I think they look awesome.

For further proof that android is awesome, here is a video of the android mascot shaking his butt off.

3″ Figure [Amazon]
Flash Drive [Amazon]

Mario Balotelli Struggles To Put His Bib On

18 Mar 2011  4 Comments

This man get paid £180,000 a week.

You can argue that he gets paid for his legs not his hands. I wonder who ties his shoelaces?

Better quality video, Thanks Mohammed.

FPS Mario

18 Mar 2011  No Comments

This is what Mario would look like if it was a sweet next-gen first person shooter!

Japan’s Tsunami

14 Mar 2011  1 Comment

2 videos showing the destructive force of the tsunami that hit Japan a few days ago. Unbelievable.



13 Mar 2011  1 Comment


Sunday Post. Cheer up, 5 days to go.

Sexy Sax Man

12 Mar 2011  2 Comments

The video gets exciting around the 35 seconds mark. A guy terrorizes California with his leather pants and his saxophone playing Careless Whisper by George Michael. Truly funny.

MemoLane: A Timeline For Your Digital Life

11 Mar 2011  1 Comment

This is a neat little website that shows all of your online activity on popular social websites and arranges them as a searchable timeline. Might become really handy in a few years.



Workspace Upgrade: Speakers

5 Mar 2011  3 Comments

Last weekend I went to “Avenues Mall” for lunch and decided to pass by iCity and X-Cite to look for new desktop speakers. I was looking for a 2.0 instead of my 2.1 setup as I didn’t have the space for a subwoofer. I had my eyes on the “Bowers & Wilkins MM-1” but the problem was it had to be connected via USB to use its full potential.

I didn’t find anything good at iCity, but while in X-Cite, I saw Creative’s GigaWorks T40 speakers that I already read a lot of reviews about and was a decent candidate. What made me go with the purchase was the price. Amazon sell those speakers for $150, I found them at X-Cite in the mid KD30′s range (Can’t remember exactly but was a great price).

With the newfound space, I managed to setup my desk the way I wanted to. with just a few centimeters to spare.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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