Runway in The Sky

10 May 2011  2 Comments

This is a great long exposure picture of an aircraft takingoff. Leaving behind a beautiful trail of lights.

The Samsung Galaxy SII – First Impression

10 May 2011  6 Comments

If you follow me on twitter, you would already know that my Samsung Galaxy SII already cleared customs and was delivered yesterday. I was super excited to get it and immediately started to play around with it.

First off, the device is not that much bigger than the iphone/Nexus one. Even though it has a 4.3″ screen. And because its slightly larger it feels super thin. Its also really light you can definitely feel the deference as soon as you pick it up.

The device is very snappy with no lag whatsoever. And I’m not talking about a clean device here. As soon as I turned it on I filled it with apps and widgets from my Amazon and Market accounts and it still ran smoothly.

The screen is great also and its much easier to use the on-screen keyboard on a screen that size. Its also very much viewable in the sun but will test it out more when I do a proper review.

The battery is something I haven’t fully tried out yet because I just got the device and also the device must go through a few cycles before the battery reaches its full potential. So will wright about that more in the review.

The device doesn’t support arabic 100%, it shows broken arabic letters. I managed to root it and enable full arabic support across the whole device. will do a step by step in a later post.


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