Android Market Paid Apps Coming To Kuwait

12 May 2011  6 Comments

Android Market 99 Countries

Google I/O  just concluded yesterday with a ton of announcement. The one that really caught my attention was that Google is expanding its Android Market to 99 countries. And after going through the list you can see Kuwait listed along with Bahrain and Qatar. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are still missing from the list.


VIVA’s After Purchase Service

12 May 2011  2 Comments


Picture from ZDistrict

A few days ago, Marzouq tweeted that VIVA introduced new caps on their data subscriptions. After checking their website there was a disclaimer stating that they are enforcing a “Fair Usage Policy” and that is 2GB per day and 60GB per month.

I have a VIVA line that is dedicated for data use. its installed on my Android device (used to be the Nexus One but switched to Samsung Galaxy SII 3 days ago)  acting as a hotspot while a number of devices connected to it. So the 2GB limit wont cut it.

And what about the people that signed up for a 2-year contract thinking they will get an unlimited service? will they still be expected to pay the termination fee if they don’t like the “new” terms of service?

The only reason I went with a VIVA line was the “unlimited” part. And now that’s gone.

Also, A few weeks ago. My line was disconnected and I had to use their online service to pay my bills. After paying the amount that was due. I browsed around and noticed that my monthly subscription was KD25. I paused a little bit and was a little confused, I could have sworn that I used to pay less. So I went back a few months and I was right, I used to pay KD22 up to last September and on October’s bill it was KD25. I never got a call or a message telling me that I will be charged more than what I signed up for, which was KD22 monthly.


Billed Summary - - Before


Billed Summary - - After

The were able to notify me 2 weeks before my bill was due, but not to tell me that they will charge me extra or that I’m not getting what I paid for.


It looks like I’ll be terminating my VIVA line before I get charged extra without being notified..

Enable Arabic Support in The Samsung Galaxy SII

12 May 2011  3 Comments

What’s Needed:

Rooted SGSII. Follow Instructions [here]



Following the above video should give you full Arabic support on your SGSII. I followed the previous method by the same user and it worked just fine but it needed a few tweaks. He summarized it in a single video.

All credit goes to Abdulrahman Al-Enzi of for the great work.


To stay up to date, follow this XDA developers thread. All credit goes to Madmack for his effortless work


Latest Arabic support post can be found here

The World’s Longest Fast Food Drive Through Line

12 May 2011  5 Comments

Its lunchtime, and its opening day of of an In-N-Out in Allen, Texas. I don’t think that people in the end of the line will eat before dinner time.
And I thought that lines were horrible here in Kuwait.

How To Root The Samsung Galaxy SII

12 May 2011  14 Comments

This will be a step-by-step guide for rooting the SGSII.
Needed files:
Samsung Kies [here]
Odin3 and SuperOneClick [here]

Step One – Driver Installation:

  • Download and install Samsung Kies. You must do this so that you can get the SGSII drivers on your PC.
  • Connect your SGSII to your PC. You will see WIndows installing the drivers.
  • Close Samsung Kies.
  • Disconnect phone.

Step Two – Setting Up:

  • Enter the recently named “Downloading Mode” by holding: Volume Down+Home Button+Power Button.
  • Press Volume Up to continue.
  • Start Odin3 (best start it as administrator)

  • Make sure that only “Auto Reboot” and “F. Rest Time” are selected on the left.
  • Click PDA and select “XWKDD_insecure.tar” in the unzipped Odin3 folder.
  • Connect the Your SGSII.
  • Press Start.
  • After its done you should see “Pass” in green on the left.
  • Disconnect your phone.

Step Three – Rooting:

  • Make sure that you have “USB debugging” is enabled in Settings> Applications> Development
  • Connect The SGSII. PC will reinstall some drivers.
  • Run “SuperOneClick” as Administrator also.
  • Choose the “Root” option from the top left.
  • During the rooting procces, it will ask you if you would like to install “BusyBox”. Click on Yes.
  • After installing the files and rooting the device it will ask you if you would like to run a test. Click “No”.

Step Four – Enjoy

Thats it.


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