Marina Bay – Singapore

16 May 2011  2 Comments

I haven’t been anywhere in east asia except for the Maldives islands but I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Singapore and that it is THE destination if you are eying east asia.

The picture is of the Marina Bay Sands Resort, which looks like a great place to unwind. Now I just have to find some free time for this trip.

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  • swera

    just came back from Singapore last February & let me tell u the country is magnificent, loved it to the max! the top of the Marina Bay Sands is beyond imagination *sigh*! Clark Quay is fab as it’s full of rests & cafes! also river trips! Stay in Orchard Road, its a busy street all the time & fun to walk in! dont forget to visit Kusu Island :)

    extra posts to help u in ur trip

  • N

    Thanks for the input, will check it out :)


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