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UT1 - Desktop

I am not that into customization of my PC’s due to the fact I format them every few months, because I love the “fresh start” feeling it gives me.

SO I wasn’t keen on trying Rainmeter, a Windows customization app the makes making your machine look the way you want as painless as possible. It gives you the ability to  customize the hell out of your PC.

The image above is of my desktop using one of Rainmeter’s default skins with a little extra tweaking.

Rainmeter [Link]

More Skins [Link]

The 40mm Machine Gun

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I would really hate to get hit by one of those.

Blogging From Your iPad? Use Blogsy

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I rarely blog on my iPad or even use it lately. But after stumbling on Blogsy, I might just use it more often.

Blogsy is a fully featured blogging application that supports WordPress and Blogger platforms at the moment. And is 10 times better than the official WordPress app.

It’s pretty straight forward to use and you can embed media from a number of online services and also from any webpage using the apps own integrated browser. It lacks the ability to add photos from your library, but its coming in the next update according to the developers.

The app costs . I think it’s worth it.


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