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27 May 2011  6 Comments

TV Shows

There have been a lot of TV show cancelation lately, some of them were not bad. I also didn’t have time in the past few months to watch all the series I usually follow.

I downloaded a bunch of new shows and watched at least a few episodes from almost all of them. here is the list:

  • An Idiot Abroad (2010)
  • Body Of Proof (2011)
  • Blue Bloods (2010)
  • Breaking In (2011)
  • Breakout Kings (2011)
  • Camelot (2011)
  • Community (2009)
  • Detroit 1-8-7 (2010)
  • Drew Cary’s Improve-A-Ganza (2011)
  • End Game (2011)
  • Game OF Thrones (2011)
  • Justified (2010)
  • Modern Family (2009)
  • Outsourced (2010)
  • Sherlock (2010)
  • The Borgias (2011)
  • The Event (2010)
  • The Killing (2011)
  • Treme (2010)

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  • Jacqui

    I know all our shows are over for the summer right now hehe but some still going on! 

    I like your list of the shows you’re watching I am also watching:
    Body of Proof (amazing I love Dana Delany!), Blue Bloods (Tom Selleck need I say anything else?), Camelot (Joseph Fiennes not to forget Eva Green and the amazing scenery!), Community (GENIUS!), Endgame (I thought I was the only one! I love love love Arcadi Balagan! Simply amazing I hope it continues!), Game of Thrones, Modern Family (awesome!), Outsourced (watched it just as a filler although I don’t like it much), The Borgias (Beyond GENIUS and amazing! I love love Jeremy Irons and the rest of the cast and it’s simply sinful to watch it!), The Event (was slow in the beginning but reached something great in the finale unfortunately it was cancelled!) and that’s all!

    I recommend you check out Happy Endings, Better With You, Bob’s Burgers, Cougar Town, Fairly Legal, Hawaii Five 0, Mad Love, Mike & Molly, Nikita, No Ordinary Family, Parenthood, Raising Hope, The Middle, and White Collar :) [Oh I forgot also Covert Affairs].

    You will like them.

    • Big N

      Happy ending, Cougar Town, Hawaii Five 0 and Covert Affairs I am familiar with. The rest I haven’t watched. Do you recommend watching them? thats a lot of TV shows to keep track off.

      • Jacqui

        Well here goes:
        -Better with you has 24 episodes and was recently cancelled it’s a 30 minute show if you’d like to laugh it’s a nice one to follow.

        -Bob’s Burgers is 13 episodes and is coming back it’s similar to Family Guy in a way and is nice to watch it’ll be back next season.(30 Minutes)

        -Fairly Legal is an 11 episode show and is about a lawyer girl who left the law and became a mediator and it’s kind of interesting to follow. It’s been renewed.(40 Minutes)

        - Mad Love around 13-14 episodes and it was just cancelled a nice comedy set in NY similar to How I Met Your Mother. (30 Minutes)

        - Mike & Molly is 24 episodes (30 minutes each) it’s a cool comedy about two obese people who fall in love at an over eaters meeting it’s sweet.  Renewed for the next season.

        - Nikita is 24 episodes or 22 episodes it’s a remake of the original series where a rogue assassin takes on the task of getting even with the people who made her that way. (40 Minutes) Renewed.

        - No Ordinary Family is around 22 episodes if not a bit less it’s very nice it’s sort of like Heroes but in a different way.. A family gets superpowers and soon discover they are not the only ones.  It’s cancelled and it’s around (40 minutes).

        - Parenthood is already in it’s 2nd season and entering a 3rd it’s more of a family drama and will be returning next year.  (I think you can skip this one)

        - Raising Hope is around 24 episodes and it’s a 30 minute comedy it’s awesome you will absolutely love it if you liked “My Name is Earl” it’s a must and it’s coming back.

        - The Middle is already finished with 2nd season and entering a third it’s similar to “Malcolm in the Middle” it’s quite nice.

        - White Collar is airing it’s 3rd season next week and it’s got about 30 episodes out so far and it’s awesome.  It’s about a relationship between an ex-con and an FBI agent in which a deal is made so that the ex-con helps the FBI for a reduced sentence and time out of prison it’s amazing and an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH!

        Sorry for the lengthy comment but based on these short descriptions you can pick and choose what you can watch :D

      • Big N

        @@ , Thanks for that :)

  • Qortuba Valley

    Well the problem is the cancelled both Detroit 187 and The Event on their 1st season :P so dont bother watching hehehe

    • Big N

      They also canceled Outsourced and Breaking In in their first season too. and they weren’t that bad too.


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