Say Goodbye To Split-Screen Multiplayer

7 Jun 2011  No Comments

Sony announced a new technology at their E3 conference. A “PlayStation” branded 3D display that has the ability to display to separate images simultaneously at full screen. So multiplayer games will no longer suffer from the cropped up images and each player having just half the screen.

This 24″ display comes with a copy of Resistance 3, a pair of glasses (second set will cost $69) and a HDMI cable. All this for $500.

Sony’s PlayStation Vita

7 Jun 2011  2 Comments

Yesterday during Sony’s E3 conference. The PS Vita (formally known as the NGP) was given a price and release date. It will be available this holiday season (November/December) for and the 3G version will be The 3G version will be exclusively available to AT&T in the US, so not sure how will that workout.


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Apple’s New iOS 5 And Other Announcements + Video

7 Jun 2011  3 Comments

If you follow me on twitter I would have bombarded you with tweets yesterday about both the WWDC and the E3 conferences that were taking place at almost the same time yesterday. Both had some exciting news coming out of them.


First off, when you get iOS 5, you would not need to hook it up to iTunes for activation using a Mac or a PC. Taking a play from Google, apple will be doing the activation wirelessly.



This one was the most anticipated. Apple revamped the notification system on the iOS. making actually getting a notification more tolerable. Again a “borrowing” the idea from Google’s Android. you can slide down the screen a see all you notification and both the weather and stock widgets (and only widget sadly). Also, notifications will show up on your lockscreen. Making if more than just a glorified clock.

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