Apple’s New iOS 5 And Other Announcements + Video

7 Jun 2011  3 Comments

If you follow me on twitter I would have bombarded you with tweets yesterday about both the WWDC and the E3 conferences that were taking place at almost the same time yesterday. Both had some exciting news coming out of them.


First off, when you get iOS 5, you would not need to hook it up to iTunes for activation using a Mac or a PC. Taking a play from Google, apple will be doing the activation wirelessly.



This one was the most anticipated. Apple revamped the notification system on the iOS. making actually getting a notification more tolerable. Again a “borrowing” the idea from Google’s Android. you can slide down the screen a see all you notification and both the weather and stock widgets (and only widget sadly). Also, notifications will show up on your lockscreen. Making if more than just a glorified clock.

Twitter integration:
No need to download the Titter app. its already there in iOS5. Setup you username and password in the settings area and you are good to go. You can tweet images right from the Photos app.


As I said yesterday, this just might be a BBM killer. The device automatically detects every iOS 5 user in your contacts and when you try to message them using the regular messaging app the bubbles switch from the standard green to a blue color indicating the use of iMassage. Apple still haven’t revealed fully how will this service work and will it identify contacts via mobile numbers mobile numbers the way Whatsapp does it or is it just an email account tie in.


A few things happened to the photography aspect in iOS 5. for starters you will get a lock screen shortcut for the camera app for those critical moments when you need to access the camera as soon as possible. Also, you will be able to take a photo using the volume button instead of tapping on the screen. Lastly Apple also implemented some minor photo editing features the way iphoto handles editing on the mac. its more than enough for everyday photographer.


Mobile Safari Browser:
Tabbed browsing is long overdue on both iPhone and iPad. It works the same way it does as the desktop version of Safari but its only working on the iPad at the moment not sure if its coming to the iPhone at all. Also Apple added the ability to save long/multiple page articles for later viewing ala “Instapaper”. It also stripes away formatting of the page and convert it to a clean readable interface.




Thumb/Split keyboard is making an appearance. Reminds me of Microsofts Origami Project keyboards back in 2005/2006 and also the one Microsoft showed a few days ago in the Windows 8 video




Reminders/Tasks is getting built in the OS with notifications. That would replace a lot of 3rd party apps.




Newsstand is your one stop shop for magazines and newspapers. I do a lot of magazine reading on the iPad/iPhone/Android and my application of choice is Zinio. it works across all the platforms seamlessly. Thats my gripe with Newsstand. But if you are already locked into Apple’s ecosystem, then this is a great app.



iCloud: not be getting into a lot of details here, revamped mobileme. also Cloud iTunes is great.


iOS 5 and iCloud will be available this fall and OS X Lion will be available in July via the Mac Appstore.






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  • Kuwaitiful

    Actually the thumb/split screen keyboard has been on Android for a while now, I use it daily. 

    It’s just sad seeing Apple from being all the magic to all the copy/pasting company. 

    • Big N

      They have been at this for a while now, nothing new just polishing up and copying other’s ideas

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    iOS 5 is pretty cool I wonder what they will add with iOS 6 beta and I wonder if I’ll need a UDID activation / registration for it like I got on they have pretty cool blog post on what we might expect with the iOS 6 beta too check it out


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