How To get iOS 5 on Your iOS Device

9 Jun 2011  5 Comments

If you are a developer you already know how to get the latest beta version of iOS and register your device to enable the installation if that beta software. If you are not a developer, you can still test out the latest Apple mobile OS by firstly downloading the latest beta builds of iTunes and iOS 5 from here. And then you must register you iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch as a developer’s device. There are a few websites that do that ranging from $7-$10 per device. Check them out here,here or here.

After getting all the necessary requirements. The first thing you should do is install the beta version of iTunes. Then launch it and select your idevice’s icon in iTunes and then click on “Restore” while holding “Control” if you are using windows on the “Option” key of you are using a Mac. Select the iOS 5 beta file that you downloaded and the rest should go smoothly.

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  • Jacqui

    Well said :D Did you install iOS5 right now? :P This is the first time I see a high interest in the iOS since the transition to 3 i believe :P

    • Big N

      I have it installed for a while now, almost a week. And yes I agree. People seem to love the notification center :)

  • IMaFia Q8

    What is the UDID

    • Big N

      UDID = Unique Device I-Dentifier. It is like a serial number used to authorize the device to install apple beta software. 

  • UDID Activation

    iOS 5 is pretty cool I wonder what they will add with iOS 6 beta and I wonder if I’ll need a UDID activation / registration for it like I got on they have pretty cool blog post on what we might expect with the iOS 6 beta too check it out


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