The Latest And Best Arabization For The Samsung Galaxy S II So Far

21 Jun 2011  5 Comments

Arabic Samsung Galaxy S II

I showed previously a method that required a little command prompt know-how or required you just blindly follow the video to get Arabic support on your Galaxy S II.

Madmack, The guy who is almost single handedly bringing Arabic support to the SGSII released another custom ROM based on the leaked middle east ROM. Its stable and has great battery life. I highly recommend it. Also installing it is very simple.

Installing this ROM will wipe you device clean. so backup using titanium rom if you want your stuff.

Download the files needed from here

Installation guide: (From XDA-Developers)
1. put phone in Download Mode by holding Volume Down+Home Button+Power Button.
2. open Odin 1.85
3. Place my file in PDA.
5. flash away.
6. (Optional) factory resetting is probably a good idea too. Some people have suggested that it helps with bad battery drain when moving from one ROM to another.

Via XDA Developers

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  • Frankom

    it took me 20 minutes in a safe hands at Babtain (Samsung) a couple of days ago :)

    • Big N

      hahaha,. it took us 20 mins to do a couple of devices in the diwaniya a few days ago. I’m loving the new ROM

  • Blizmo

    Yep. thanks to madmack arabic is 100% working on android..

  • Talel Amira

    Unable to download, Path cannot be found

  • Mohammad Sawallha

    Dose this work for galaxy w?


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