How Much is Your Steam Account Worth?

31 Jul 2011  1 Comment

How much is your Steam Account worth

I’ve talked about how I am mostly a PC gamer, and that I have been purchasing a lot of games via Steam. If you have a steam account, you can visit the Steam Calculator website and see just how much your account is worth. Of course this is not exactly precise when it comes on how much you have spent on Steam as I for one bought most of the games when they were o sale.

Steam Calculator

FC Barcelona vs Manchester United – Highlights

31 Jul 2011  No Comments

Highlights of yesterday’s friendly game that ended in a 2-1 win for Manchester United.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Great Grandson Preformance

27 Jul 2011  1 Comment

Jamie Dewolf, the great grandson of Scientology creator and science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard speaks about his great grand father and grandfather and how he had to change his last name just to escape what his great grand father created.

If you don’t know what scientology is, I suggest watching [THIS] South Park episode that explains it all.

Cyonagemod 7 on Samsung Galaxy SII

26 Jul 2011  No Comments

Cyanogenmod 7 on SGSII UT1

Cyanogen mod is finally available for the Samsung Galaxy SII. Its not the final release yet, but I have been waiting a while for this mod so I jumped in as soon as they released their nightly builds for the SII.

The phone feels much snappier (if that is even possible) as there is now much less crap running in the background. And there is the usual tweaks of CM7, Like in the camera, dialer and other departments. But if you are using the SII as your main phone I would advise that you hold off a little while longer for a stable version.

Cyanogen Mod is available to a number of android devices. Check out their website to see if your device is supported.


Galaxy SII Nightly builds

Trailers of 2012 Blockbusters

22 Jul 2011  1 Comment

The Dark Knight Rises:

Tom Hardy (Bane) and Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) are the latest additions Christopher Nolan’s wonderful trilogy as they join Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Gary Oldman to conclude the saga.


The Amazing Spiderman:

Its a good thing they decided to reboot the series as it lost its way with the 3rd movie. I’m not sure about the cast though, both cast members and the director (Marc Webb – 500 Days of Summer) never tackled something this big before. But I hope they do well.


The Avengers:

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

There isn’t a good copy out yet as the teaser supposed to show right after Captain America’s end credits. But the movie is looking good. With Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Blackwidow and others making an appearance. Directed by Joss Whedon (Thor)


Weightless Cats

21 Jul 2011  No Comments


Taking cats on zero gravity trips, is cute but whats the point of that?

I’m in …………. A Cooler Place

21 Jul 2011  No Comments


I’ve been in Brussels the past few days, thats why I wasn’t posting as much. The weather hear is great compared to the heat in Kuwait. Having waffles on a daily bases and also fritz (fries) and the occasional chocolates.

The funny thing is that when we first arrived, the taxi driver apologized for the weather.

Adobe’s First Mac Store App is Here

21 Jul 2011  No Comments

Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 9 Editor is the first Adobe application to hit the Mac App Store. I wonder how long will it be before we see Photoshop CS5 there as well.

Disciplined For Being Disrespectful Towards The Opposing Team

19 Jul 2011  No Comments

Last Sunday, a football game between the UAE and Lebanon was taking place. The headlines that came after the match weren’t about the 7-2 UAE victory, but the backheeled penalty that was scored by Theyab Awana.

The player “Theyab” came on as a substitute just 10 minutes before the penalty and was immediately taken off after the penalty kick. He was also shown a yellow card by the referee after he scored.

I didn’t see the game I just saw the video of the penalty. The first thing I thought that it was so disrespectful to the other team an this childish behavior shouldn’t be allowed to go unpunished.

Mr. Esmaeel Rashid, the UAE team manager was quoted saying:

We cannot accept anyone in our team who does not respect the opponent and does not respect the people who are working, or the supporters.

There are many forms of punishment. We could send him away from the team. We could make him pay a fine.

It’s Too Damn Hot!!

17 Jul 2011  5 Comments

Last friday, when I was coming back from friday prayer. I had my iPhone hooked up to the car charger/transmitter and was listing to some podcast. When all of a sudden everything went silent. At first I thought that the connection was lost or that the iPhone simply crashed since I’m using the iOS 5 beta software.

But after further inspection to my iphone I noticed an onscreen caution/warning that I never have seen before. apparently the device got too hot it shut itself down. Keep in mind the car was air conditioned at this happened after roughly 5-10 minutes after getting into the car.

So me and my phone got into an air conditioned car at the same time but after about 10 minutes it just couldn’t stand the heat and shut down to cool itself. What about me? Am I expected to tolerate heat more than a gadget?


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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