Hey Kuwaiti ISP’s I Download “Legally” Over 30GB’s a Day and Here is My Proof

7 Jul 2011  2 Comments

Kuwaiti ISP suddenly implemented a Fair Access Policy (FAP) a few weeks ago that caught a lot of people by surprise. Nobody agreed to this when they first signed a 12 months deal (15 months in my case) and you cant just change what your terms of service in mid contract , even if one of your clauses in your terms of service is “changing the terms of service without prior knowledge” , because thats freaking stupid. So I’m basically signing that you might downgrade my speed from 8mb to 128Kbps just because you can? I don’t think so.

KEMS’s Facebook page operator also used the word “Abusers” to define the people that use too much data by pirating applications and movies as he says. If he truly thinks that then my friend you are misinformed. I can legally download applications movies and tv shows and also pass the stupid CAP that is implemented. What make you think that illegal means we are hogging more bandwidth than legal ones?

I have a number of itunes season passes that can also easily pass the cap as I “BOUGHT” i.e. with my own money, more than 30 HD season passes.

Using steam is also a bandwidth killer. I bought recently a number of games during steams summer sale where they have a number of games each day that are on sale for 24 hours. after BUYING the games that I really wanted/liked/didn’t own on a PC, I realized that only by downloading those games that I PURCHASED I would pass the stupid cap.

I also didn’t talk about updating my PC and 3 laptops, updating my apps on my 2 iphones, 2 ipads, 3 android phones. Updating Navigon on an iOS device is almost 2GB by itself not counting other applications or any other activities like downloading podcasts and watching HD youtube which is FREE the last time I checked.

There is an online bloggers campaign that me and countless of other Kuwaiti bloggers have joined that is against internet capping of any kind. [Link]

Viva la revolucion

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  • Heema

    I for one have a problem with getting a bandwidth more than 1 Mbps yet I use more than the cap allowed (40GB) for my subscription. but recently the phone line have been disconnected due to technical difficulty and after placing a call with MOC they came to tell me the cable from MOC DB to my home need to be changed. 3ad al7een 9arli 2 weeks and I don’t have a phone line !!  
    sometimes my monthly cap might not be passed cuz I’m not a heavy user but the daily one is a killer as I might purchase a game or movie and want to download it why do I have to wait 4-5 days to complete my download given that I will not do any other thing !! F!@# MOC & ISP are lame and stupid

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000460190654 Mnfear Argon

    LOL ! Join the Group Man ! :S i’m afraid of buying games from steam now ! because of teh Gigantic size !


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