It’s Too Damn Hot!!

17 Jul 2011  5 Comments

Last friday, when I was coming back from friday prayer. I had my iPhone hooked up to the car charger/transmitter and was listing to some podcast. When all of a sudden everything went silent. At first I thought that the connection was lost or that the iPhone simply crashed since I’m using the iOS 5 beta software.

But after further inspection to my iphone I noticed an onscreen caution/warning that I never have seen before. apparently the device got too hot it shut itself down. Keep in mind the car was air conditioned at this happened after roughly 5-10 minutes after getting into the car.

So me and my phone got into an air conditioned car at the same time but after about 10 minutes it just couldn’t stand the heat and shut down to cool itself. What about me? Am I expected to tolerate heat more than a gadget?

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  • qabaq

     i like that it actually has a thermostat and tells u that its not safe to operate.

    bass so2al mohem! how can we operate in this heat!!!

    • Big N

      my thought exactly!! 

  • Q8Stig

    Nokias never act like that :P

    What a brat!

    • Big N

      its just the new “smart phones” that are a little picky of their work environment :)

  • Alongtimeago

    Cities are usually warmer than rural areas. Maybe more emission control and less cars would help.


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