False Advertising?

8 Aug 2011  1 Comment

ADMCSport Offer

Got an email from Abu Dhabi Sport channel telling me that they had an “offer” for existing members for their online subscription, I enjoyed their online service at first last year but as it became more popular the more important games became almost impossible to watch and video just keeps buffering and disconnecting.

But hey 10KD for a whole season? not a bad backup plan. So I follow the link, like their Facebook page (I hate it when companies do that) and follow the newly provided link.


The price is almost double ($65 instead of $35). I am “almost” sure that this is just a mistake. but the offer ends tomorrow and the link is broken. Or  are they just hoping that after going through that you would just say “the hell with it” and just subscribe?

ADMC page

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  • MDigital

    It is really misleading, maybe they just want you to like them :P


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