Yet Another Hungry Bunny Experience – UPDATE

9 Aug 2011  2 Comments

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 2

Last night for so7oor, a couple of friends decided to head out to the new Hungry Bunny place over at Al-Jahra. It took them 30 minutes to get there so I asked them was it worth it and is it anything like the original.\? Here what they said:

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 3

Atmosphere: 3/5

There wasn’t enough tables, you were there 11:40 pm, the restaurant was  clean,

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 1

Food: 5/5

For the nostalgia effect, not the best burger but exactly the same old taste, loved it much better than BK, fries more like McDonald’s than BK though. Onion rings were moderate. Chicken Fillet tastes like real chicken, loved it.

Hungry Bunny Kuwait 4

Value: 4/5

And by that the Overall Experience is:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

From the looks of it, its better than the last time we reviewed Hungry Bunny.


Hungry Bunny’s location can be found [here].


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